March 28, 2011

Lucas surfaces again at the Center, then cancels himself.

On March 17th, the Gay and Lesbian Yeshiva Day School Alumni Association (GLYDSA) posted this announcement of an event -- at the Center -- featuring Michael Lucas. A few days later, Lucas seems to have pulled the event from the Center himself. (Read more after the jump.)

Queers for an Open LGBT Center, along with some members of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, intended to leaflet the event to decry the hypocrisy of the Center -- giving the controversial Lucas a platform, even as they bars others from speaking either at his behest or because they're "too controversial."

March 24, Thursday 8:00 PM: Monthly GLYDSA meeting with special guest Michael Lucas. We will be discussing the recent events of the past few weeks that have pitted anti-Israel organizers against the Center, as well as other topics of interest to our community, followed by socializing. Michael Lucas is a well-known columnist, activist, film maker and strong supporter of gay rights and Israel. ...As a follow up to the open community meeting that was poorly attended by the pro-Israel side, The Center is receiving a lot of pressure to re-allow Siegebusters and other anti-Israel groups to rejoin the center. The Center wants to do the right thing but needs our support. Please take a moment to go to the below link and send in your thoughts -- this comment box was created just for thoughts about space rental.
Just a few days later, though, GLYDSA announced that they would not host Lucas at the Center. They had moved their meeting. A Village Voice report quoted GLYDSA as saying that they'd received "threats." According to a reporter looking into the issue (story not yet written): "Lucas claim[ed] this is related to Center being unable to ensure the event would not be interrupted as there had been 'threats.' Center says they had nothing to do with move."

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