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About QFOLC:

Queers for an Open LGBT Center formed in response to the NYC LGBT Center's cancellation of the fundraiser of an anti-Occupation group and the expulsion of the group from the Center. The Center was acting on a complaint from a right-wing, anti-Muslim, pro-Israel man (the boyfriend of a recent Center board member) who threatened to organize a funders boycott.

The Center made many claims: that the planned party made the Center "unsafe" the Center couldn't host a controversial event; the event wasn't queer enough; they wouldn't permit any reference to “[Israeli] apartheid." They said they consulted "stakeholders" in the decision, made in several hours, but did not say whom. They didn't consult the banned group, nor the many others who objected to censorship of speech & queer organizing, and capitulation to funders trying to control queer space.

The goals of QFOLC:
1. Affirm Siegebusters' right to meet at the Center, and reinstate
2. Clarify guidelines for use of Center, and make sure they're open
3. Open up board meetings, possibly create a community advisory board.

We do not aim to keep those with whom we disagree out of the Center.

About Queers for an Open LGBT Center