Tell the Center's board: The Center must be transparently run, and be accountable to the whole community. The board must open its meetings, restore the right of Siege Busters and Queers Against Israeli Apartheid to meet, and meet with Queers for an Open LGBT Center about transparency and openness at the Center.

Use this form to email to Mario Palumbo (Board President) and Glennda Testone (Executive Director.) If you'd rather call them, phone numbers are posted below. When you've sent an email, you'll be returned to the main blog page. Thanks!


More than 1,600 people have already signed a petition to demand an open LGBT Center. You can see who has signed and add your name at

You can read more about the issue, including press reports, at

Contact info for LGBT Center decision-makers:
Glennda Testone, Executive Director: (212) 620-7310 or
Mario Palumbo, Board President: (212) 875-4900 or

Let’s put the community back in our Community Center.

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